I’m so grateful for the people in my life who keep my strong when all I want to do is disappear and give up.

jordankerns replied to your post: fucking stop posting about jordan you cunt its annoying as shit.

You just had to use my wife as your reaction, didnt you? Lmao

That wasn’t the point you fool.image

It frustrated me so much. I don't know why and I feel guilty and mad at myself for feeling flustered over learning he's with someone else when I don't even love him anymore and I'm in love with someone else. Please help me. Sorry for the two part messages, also. If you can respond with this one, I'd be grateful.

Not a problem.

I think you’re asking me for advice because of my situation as well. My situation of falling in love with Jordan, and then now dating Brent, while Jordan has his own girlfriend now. 

It’s ok to feel flustered, or overwhelmed finding out that someone you used to belong to now belongs to another. It’s weird to think that they get to do those same things that you did with them. In my situation this isn’t the case, but I guess it still kind of bothered me too when I found out about Jordan. You don’t have to feel guilty, or mad, for reacting to this. When you love someone, you know that there’s a part of you that will always be from him, and with time, your heart and feelings will grow independently from him.

You don’t have to feel bad for having a heart, and for feeling affected by what has happened, because you’re human, and that’s part of growing up. 

why nobody talks to me.

  • Me: Good nappy nappy?
  • Jordan: I haven't even fallen asleep yet. D:
  • Jordan: Ok. Lmao.



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Describe Jordan's voice.




Ok umm… It’s like, honey that you pour into tea. It’s smooth, and sweet all at the same time. It bubbles me up and makes me smile half the time. I love his voice, very deeply. It’s like home to me. I practically have it memorized to the point that if he texts me something, I can hear his voice. It’s deep, kind of like my dad’s voice… I don’t know, but it’s smooth like velvet too.

Is Jordan a good singer?

From what I have heard him sing for me, which isn’t a lot… I think he is. I like it when he sings for me, yes.

Yeah, his voice is definitely a favorite random thing of mine.

Ask me favorite random things?

What is your favorite thing to do on rainy days?

Cuddle with someone sweet, journal, nap, have soup, listen to good rainy day music, watch good movies.

If it’s just sprinkling outside, then I just go for a little walk, or dance. 

I’ve kissed in the rain. That’s fun too.

Love the rain. :)

Ask me favorite random things?

You will not believe how many times I have said this.

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oommmgggggggg Jordan is soooo fricken cuuuute. <3_<3


if Jordan is really that bad why do you constantly hang onto him? if he makes you feel so bad, why don't you just move on?


jordankerns replied to your chat: Merry Christmas

But Im not. I just went with the tootsie roll idea. #ratchetwrapping

You’re Welcome. Merry Christmas, Jordan.

Merry Christmas

  • Jordan: But I want to show off my wrapping skills!
  • Shelby: Then make an envelope out of wrapping paper.
  • Jordan: Omg I'm not that crafty.