Adventures with Jordan

1.        Hug the first time we meet

2.        Go on a Roadtrip

3.        Go to Peggy Sue’s Diner on the way to Disneyland

4.        Go to Disneyland

5.        Build forts

6.        Go to a “Florence + the Machine” concert

7.        Rock out to “You’ve Got the Love”

8.        Play a boardgame with Shelby, Cassie and whoever she’s dating

9.        Go camping

10.     Go horseback riding

11.     Go trick-or-treating

12.     Go go-carting

13.     Go climb trees

14.     Get silhouettes taken of us

15.     See what Cherry Chapstick and Green Apple Chapstick taste like together

16.     Go to Red Robin

17.     Drive around blasting music

18.     Go to Costco and buy stuff we don’t need

19.     Spend the first rainy day we have to watch movies that Shelby has been lacking for years.
    a.     Titanic
    b.     Nightmare before Christmas
    c.     Alice in Wonderland (the original)
    d.     Transformers
    e.     10 things I hate about you
    f.      Star Wars
    g.     The Breakfast Club
    h.     Scooby Doo
    i.      The Sandlot

20.     Have a bonfire party

21.     Walk the Vegas Strip

22.     Spend an afternoon at IKEA

23.     Spend an afternoon in bed

24.     Go skydiving

25.     Take a walk in the forest.

26.     Get a caricature taken of us

27.     Kiss underwater at the bottom of the pool.

28.     Have a water balloon fight.

29.     Watch to one of Shelby’s performances

30.     Play videogames

31.     Kiss in the rain

32.     Bake cookies

33.     Watch fireworks

34.     Have a full moon picnic

35.     Go stargazing

36.     Sex in a car

37.     Get photobooth photos

38.     Tickle fight

39.     Go jumping on mattresses

40.     Go to a Vans store to get Shelby’s first pair of Vans

41.     Go to PacSun

42.     Go on a Thrift Store Adventure

43.     Let Shelby play guitar in person for Jordan

44.     Teach Jordan how to play guitar

45.     Play Lego’s

46.     Record random videos

47.     Go to Bath and Body Works and just smell everything in there

48.     Share an apartment : Jordan, Shelby, Cassie, and whoever Cassie is dating

49.     Dance together

50.     Watch “Stardust”

51.     Take couple photos and post them on the internet for people to be jealous of

52.     Go to Wal-Mart and buy lots of candy

53.     Have a sleepover night

54.     Karaoke Night

55.     Go midnight swimming

56.     Go to a nightclub and “grind”

57.     Give Jordan back massages

58.     Go on a picnic

59.     Makeout

60.     Go to the Drive-In

61.     Get pictures with Santa

62.     Make Sappy Valentine’s Day cards

63.     Go to Panda Express

64.     Watch “Adventure Time

65.     Go to Starbucks

66.     Go to Victoria Secret to pick out cute undies and bras

67.     Go to Calvin Klein to pick out boxers and cologne

68.     Go to a park and play on the swings

69.     Go to a park and play on the sea-saw

70.     Fly Kites

71.     Watch a sunrise

72.     Watch a sunset

73.     Look at planets through a telescope

74.     Go to Prom

75.     Watch “Melancholia” on a rainy night, wrapped in blankets, with candy and junk food

76.     Go iceskating

77.     Stay in a hotel for absolutely no reason other than staying in a hotel

78.     Photo scavenger hunt with Shelby, Cassie and whoever she’s dating

79.     Ride the “New York, New York”

80.     Play hide and seek

81.     Build and share an icecream sundae

82.     Get milkshakes

83.     Go Christmas Light watching

84.     Have an afternoon nap together

85.     Have an “I love you more” fight

86.     Go bowling

87.     Shower together

88.     Go to a water park

89.     Make up stories

90.     Wake up Shelby one morning with a kiss

91.     Breakfast in bed

92.     Have a pillow fight

93.     Have a shopping cart race

94.     Play “The Sims” together

95.     Watch Cartoons in our PJ’s

96.     Make dinner together

97.     Share a funnel cake

98.     Go on a downtown adventure for an entire night

99.     Have a Disney Movie day

100.  Kiss under mistletoe

101.  Kiss at midnight on new year’s day

102.  Make a scrapbook of “Adventures with Jordan”

103.  Movie night with Jordan, Shelby, Cassie, and whoever she’s dating at the time

104.  Go Skinny Dipping

105.  Watch “Tangled

106.  Go on a Bike Ride

107.  Go to the Puyallup fair with Shelby, Cassie, and whoever she’s dating

108.  Have snow adventures

109.  Blow Bubbles

110.  Have Piggyback rides

111.  Share baby pictures together

112.  Send a letter everyday for a year to Jordan

113.  Take a walk on the beach

114.  Spend a day at the zoo

115.  Go to the aquarium

116.  Make wishes on dandelions

117.  Find pictures in the clouds

118.  Go subway surfing

119.  Hold Hands                     

120.  Ride in a Taxi

121.  Kiss a Giraffe

122.  Pet a Deer

123.  Get tattoos together

124.  Watch “Mean Girls”

125.  Make “sammiches” together

126.  ”Back to the Future” Marathon

127.  Make s’mores

128.  Snuggle

129.  Spend the day together on Jordan’s Golden Birthday

130.  Kiss on a rooftop

131.  Go on a 2 AM night walk

132.  Ride a roller coaster

133.  Decorate a Christmas tree

134.  Eat a Pizza

135.  Watch “That 70’s Show”